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Gossip Hub Naija is an haven for noteworthy gists and information in its entirety. An idea from the roving mind of an unseriously serious dude who undergoes momentary earth shattering and sanity disrupting spasms of extreme mind play and in-depth soul searching analysis of events that trails his subconscious daily. The blog questions conventional trends in the society – If you want answers to questions bordering relationship, governance, history, social norms, human vocation and life then GHN is your destination. GHN tends to analyse and possibly bridge the gap between civilisation and tradition, love and hate, youth and adulthood, truth and falsehood, governance and the masses, ruler-ship and servitude et al. It sometimes serves as a hub for lifestyle, entertainment and literature in accordance with societal dictates. The originator-Lekan Linkin Lofinji, is an idealist with a knack for controversies and realism intertwined by a pinch of sarcasm. He questions conventions and seeks answers to every mystery except one. A graduate of the University of Benin -Lekan is a content developer, screenwriter, creative writer, voice over artiste, Idealist and if you find him acting sometimes then he probably still has an emotional attachment to his first love. That’s the high jinks, so feel free to roar in a jungle where there are no holds barred.

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